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Our Mission
Van Leeuwen Enterprises is a distributorship created by motorcycle enthusiasts who actively promote the motorcycle industry.
Our greatest strength as a company is drawn from our commitment to customer service. We seek to create lasting relationships with
our customers by becoming partners in their long-term success. Our dedicated staff and management are devoted to the constant
development of our service and the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Our People
Over the past 39 years, Van Leeuwen has offered unsurpassed customer service from our friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Most of our customer service reps boast over 20 years of industry experience, while several employees and sales reps have been with
us for over 30 years. The man behind the name is Skip Van Leeuwen, Owner/CEO and he is joined by his two sons Curt Van Leeuwen,
President and Eric Van Leeuwen, Vice President of Operations. Our executive staff is always available to personally handle any
inquires or product needs you might have.
Skip found his passion for motorcycles racing flat track and TT as a factory Triumph rider on the national circuit for 13 years.
Skip ended his successful racing career after winning 5 National Championships in the late sixties. Building on his experience and
enthusiasm of the motorcycle industry, Skip began working as a Sales Rep for Buco Products in 1969. Traveling throughout the
Western United States, Skip recognized a need for a quality regional distributor in the Southern California area.
Pursing his entrepreneurial spirit, Skip created Van Leeuwen Enterprises, Inc. in 1973.
Van Leeuwen Enterprises has continued to grow, serving dealers on a national level and expanding our product line to include the
hottest selling motorcycle accessories on the market today!
We truely appreciate your support and we look forward to working with you in the coming year!
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